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Your CDs are hub printable. That means the artwork on the CD face prints almost all the way to the center hole so it looks nicer.

Print & Burn

Your CD face printing is done by high resolution photo printers. Your CDs will look as good as any photo you’ve ever seen.

Your CDs are burned by specially designed equipment for 100% perfect output. If for some reason a bad CD is detected, it is automatically rejected and you will never see it.

Slimline Jewel Case

These are about half the thickness of a normal CD case. They can hold the same artwork in front, but cannot hold artwork on the back.

Full Size Jewel Case

These are the jewel cases you see anywhere you buy CDs.

They hold artwork on the front and the back, and can even hold up to a 16 page booklet in front.

Tray Card

This is the artwork on the back of the CD case. It has ears that fold up so you can see the title from the side of the case.

This can be one sided and used with a black tray, or you can have artwork on both sides and use a clear tray. This option lets you see artwork under the CD when the CD is removed.

2 Panel Jewel Card

This is the artwork on the front of the Jewel Case. This is printed on 100# Gloss cover cardstock – both sides in full color

4 Panel Jewel Card

This is like the 2 Panel, except it is twice as wide and folded. It ends up being the same size as the 2 panel, except you get twice as much room to put lyrics, photos, band member bios, etc.

This is printed on 100# Gloss Text – both sides in full color


This goes in the front of the Jewel Case just like the 2 Panel or 4 Panel Jewel card.  This booklet can be up to 16 pages to include anything you like.

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